Hiring Real Estate Agents


We are recruiting Real Estate Sales Agents!

Join us and experience the convenience of being in a REAL ESTATE company
who promotes;

*** TRANSPARENCY in commission rates and computation
*** Incremental (not fixed rate)
*** Direct-to-ATM commission release, NO HASSLE for follow-ups
*** FAST Financial Reports for Agents and Brokers, all you need to do is SELL and SELL MORE!
*** 100% FREE Trainings
*** Provides tripping assistance
*** FREE internet access at our office conveniently located in a HASSLE-FREE NO TRAFFIC area near the projects


We are recruiting Real Estate Sales Agents!

Real Estate Salesperson Requirements mandated by PRC and HLURB:

PRC Accreditation Requirements:

  • At least 12 units Continuing Program Development (CPD)
  • Transcript of Record (at least Second Year College Level, 72 Units)
  • Certification from a Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • 2  Valid ID’s (photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)


HLURB Accreditation Requirements:

  • Accomplished  Application Form (must be notarized)
  • ID Pictures (2×2) any color
  • Latest PRC Certificate & ID Card or claim slip (photocopy)
  • Copy of Surety Bond and O.R.
  • Letter of Endorsement from a Licensed Real Estate Broker (employer)

Interested? Please call me for details @ 0943 262 3262 (you may email me @ frv.realestate@gmail.com)


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