Affordable House for Sale in Laguna Sta. Rosa City

Nearby Places and Advantages

1. Located near Enchanted Kingdom and Waltermart

2. Near to Sta. Rosa Exit (easy access to SLEX going to Metro Manila or Calamba)

3. Accessible to Tagaytay, Nuvali, Eton City

4. Leisure parks as well as commercial establishments are in the area

5. Near to exclusive schools (Brent International School, AUP, DLSU – Canlubang, Ateneo University, St. Dominican College)

6.Future business centers are planned to be built near the area

House Turnover Finish: 

Buyer has an option to choose between CORE and COMPLETE finish for house turnover, CORE type finish is advisable for buyers who prefer to have his / her own design for his / her purchased unit


  • Core Type – No Divisions, First Coat Painting, No Ceilings, Plain Cement Finish on Flooring
  • Complete Type – with Divisions and Interior paint, complete tiled finish for Toilet and Bath, Tiled finish for flooring and 2nd floor


Sample Computation:

CELAYA Core Type:
TCP: P2,905,000
DP: P405,750
Less: Reservation Fee: 30,000
Net DP: 375,750
Payable in 18 months: P22,542
MRI Loanable in 3 months: P4,842
Loanable Amount: P2,469,250.00
Estimated Monthly Amortization:
20 years -  17,691.00
15 years - 20,837.00
10 years - 27,414.00
5 years - 47,738.00
  • BDO interest rate at 6% subject to repricing yearly
  • Bank interest rates may change depending on prevailing market rates


Please contact:


Ms. Lilia Villaruel

Smart – 09282683542


Mr. Fred Villaruel

Sun – 09432623262

Smart – 09084850158

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