3-Bedroom House and Lot Rent to Own Townhouse For Sale at ROSEDALE HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION located in Barangay Poblacion, Malvar, Batangas

3BR House & Lot For Sale in Malvar, Batangas
3-Bedroom House and Lot Rent to Own Townhouse For Sale at ROSEDALE HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION located in Barangay Poblacion, Malvar, BatangasDeveloper: Borland Development CorporationHouse Type: 2 Storey Townhouse
Status: Preselling / For Construction
Turn-over: 18 – 20 months from date of reservation

2-3 Bedroom Provision
1 Toilet and Bath
Living Area
Dining Area
Kitchen Area

Lot Area : 40 sqm
Floor Area : 46 sqm


Option 1 thru Pag-ibig Financing

Total Contract Price – 771,016.00
Reservation Fee – 5,000.00
Equity – 96,016.00
Payable in 20 months – 4,550.80 / month
Loanable Amount – 675,000.00
Pag-ibig Monthly Amortization:
30 years – 4,266.46

Option 2 thru In-House Financing

Total Contract Price – 731,016.00
Reservation Fee – 5,000.00
Equity – 175,443.84
Payable in 20 months – 8,522.19/month
Pagibig Loanable Amount – 555,572.16
In-House Monthly Amortization
10 years – 8,295.29

Exterior Details:
Roofing: Long Span Colored Roof on Steel Roof Framing
Windows: Steel Casement with built-in grills
Wall: Painted Plain Cement Finish


-Main Door: Steel Door
-Service Door: Flush Door
-T&B Door: PVC Door

-Interior Wall: Plain Cement Finish
-T&B Wall: With 8″X8″ Glazed ceramic tiles (6 layers)

-Ground Floor: Plastered Cement Finish
-Second Floor: Plastered Cement Finish
-T&B: 8”x8” Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Counter: Plain Cement Finish w/ stainless sink
Toilet & Bath: Flush Type Water Closet, wall hang ceramic Lavatory woth Faucet and
Handheld Shower Head
Ceiling: Interior Ceiling: Fiber Cement Board on Metal Furring Frame
Exterior: Fiber Cement Board, Painted QDE
Stairs: Steel Stairs with Handrail

-Entrance Gate
-Basketball Court
-Perimeter Fence
-Concrete Roads & Alleys
-Underground Drainage System
-Centralized Water System
-Meralco Electrical Supply

Initial requirements (you may bring them during tripping complete with reservation fee):

Requirements for Reservation:
1. One (1) month updated Payslip
2. Company ID
3. Any government issued ID
4. Reservation Fee – 5,000

Pag-ibig basic requirements (you may bring them during tripping complete with reservation fee):
1. 24 Months Updated Pag-ibig Contribution
2. Valid government-issued IDs
3. ID Pics 1×1
4. Proof of Billing/Remittance
5. Payslip
6. Birth/Marriage
7. Certificate Certificate of Employment/Job Contract
8. TIN/Passport
9. Cedula
10. SPA (if needed, especially for OFW)
11. MSVS (to follow upon seminar in PAG IBIG)
12. Post Dated Checks

Property Details

Type of Property
House and Lot
Lot Area
40 SQM
 Floor Area
46 SQM
List Date
05 December 2015
 External Features
General Features
Special Feature
Pets Allowed
Please contact for tripping / reservation:
Leah C. Villaruel
Contact No.: 0929-664 5459


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